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E360 Assessment Validation Study

Fund ADHD Assessments

My name is Chasidy Karpiuk, MA, RCC, CAP and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia, Canada. I am working with Dr. Antonio Ocana, GP from the North Shore ADHD clinic and we are doing a study to determine the degree the online assessment tool is effective in diagnosing ADHD and other mental health conditions/disorders.


There are many barriers to getting assessed for ADHD, including cost and access to a qualified medical professional. We would like to remove these barriers by raising money to offer reduced cost assessments for people who otherwise may not be able to afford this service. We would like to fund our project through donations to cover the cost for patients so their is one less barrier to getting diagnosed.

Please consider donating to our study.

 The aim is to conduct this study in the fall of 2023.

Want to be assessed for ADHD?
Join our wait list for the study.


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